Sunday, April 22, 2007

Loosing Another Tooth

As I was getting Mikayla ready to go to Drew's game yesterday morning (their Thursday night game was rained out, so we made it up yesterday), Drew came into the living room holding something that I couldn't see and talking in a mumble without really moving his lips. Without being able to understand the words, I immediately realized what he was saying. His second loose tooth had been just barely hanging on for a few days. He had pulled his own tooth for the second time! He wants to hold down his bottom lip every time he smiles so that you are unable to miss the holes in his mouth. I told him not to pull any more teeth for awhile or he won't have any left! The Tooth Fairy left another five dollar bill for him to find this morning under his pillow. Lucky for the fairy he doesn't have any more that are loose - at least not that we can tell!

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