Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cheering on the Team!

Drew (far end) sits in the dugout to watch as his team takes the field.

Drew had a baseball game the Thursday before last. We had thought we would go to cheer on Drew's team even though he was not able to play, but since they were playing at different fields, and the walk to those fields was longer, we decided not to go. Our team ended up losing that game 10-8, and a grandmother of one of the other little guys on our team said if Drew had been there our team would have won. That makes a mommy feel good about her little player! He had another game last Saturday that was played at the regular fields so we decided to go cheer on the team at that game. Drew's ankle was feeling a good bit better by then, and we were even able to take the cast off and he could walk putting a little bit of pressure on it. He still wasn't able to play of course, but we thought he might like watching his team play (we knew this would be hard for him too, but we want him to learn about teamwork). This was a wonderful game played by two well-matched teams. Our team ended up winning the game 21-19. It was very hard for Drew to watch the game and not be able to play, and he was hoping that his ankle would be well enough to play by their next game!

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