Thursday, April 26, 2007

Game Ball!!

Drew played in his make-up game (that was rained out on Thursday night) on Saturday. His ankle was still bothering him a little bit, but he felt like he could play. I just told him to take it easy - if it started hurting I was prepared to pull him from the game. Mikayla and I were the only members of our family there (since this game was not on his schedule), but our team family was helping to cheer him on of course. I was glad to see that he was walking better on his ankle, and he said it didn't bother him to run. So... he goes into the game. I wish I had gotten better pictures from this game, but I had my camera on the wrong setting and I didn't catch it because of the glare on the screen when I previewed the pictures. I think you'll still get the idea! The craziest thing you'll notice is the pictures from the beginning and end of the game are pretty good - the ones in the middle are blurry. Mikayla waits for the game to start while enjoying some Pringles, and Gatorade (we had snacks for this game and she couldn't wait). Drew gets his first hit of the game - again he got a hit every time at bat. He was smacking the ball, with most of them going into the outfield!

Drew waits on second base after his double. If his ankle had been 100% this more than likely would have been a home run.Breanna came over and surprised us as we were watching Drew played. Bryson's team played right after ours, and while they practiced Nanda and Breanna came to watch Drew. Breanna and Mikayla are best friends, so Mikayla was very excited to see her!!I didn't mean to get such a clear picture of the fence (ha), I was trying to get a picture of the player on third base. That's our Drew intently focused on the batter - ready to get the ball if it comes his way!
Coach Craig meets with the players after every game to congratulate them on playing so well! In this picture he has just awarded the GAME BALL!!! If you look closely, you will notice it in Drew's left hand! Coach Craig said "I'm awarding this game ball to the person who was really hitting hard - and it goes to Drew!" I couldn't believe it - I was still making sure every child, including brothers and sisters had a snack so I had to stop and get a picture! We are very proud of our little baseball man!

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