Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dying Easter Eggs

Drew and Mikayla had anxiously waited all day Saturday to dye Easter eggs for their Easter baskets. After they got out of the bath tub, we were ready at last!
Mikayla and Drew excitedly wait for mom and dad to tell them they could get started!
"Mom - is this one dark enough?""Ooh I love pink!"
Drew and Mikayla had fun writing on their eggs with crayon before putting them in the dye. They thought it was magic when their writings "stood out" after the eggs were dyed! "I'm writing I love you mommy!"
"I can do it by myself - I will be easy."

Mikayla shows off her orange egg while Drew waits patiently for the color he needs.

Drew and Mikayla always have fun dying their Easter eggs, and this year was no different! It is such a joy for mom and dad to watch too! It is nice to spend time as a family where, for the most part, Drew and Mikayla share and use patience. I hope they will remember this as they get older, and one day be able to experience the fun of watching their own children dye eggs!

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