Friday, August 31, 2007

Birthday Party

We have scheduled Mikayla's birthday party for tomorrow afternoon - a swim party at Mimi and Poppi's house. Invitations have been issued, and people have RSVPed. The problem?? We think Mikayla may have gotten a bug during her first week at school. Tonight we left the restaurant early because she said pretty pitifully "I'm 'bout to tho up". Sorry to be so graphic, but this is for us to look back on right? I want to remember exactly how she said it! So we got the waitress to bring boxes and our bill and headed home. Sure enough on the way home she got sick. Since I needed to pick up a few things for her party tomorrow (in case she's okay to have it), Craig came home with the kids. While I was gone she got sick again. He got her in the tub and she was asleep by the time I got home. We shall see if we will have a party tomorrow or not...

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