Friday, August 17, 2007

Last Day of Summer Vacation!

Teachers didn't have to go to school today so Drew, Mikayla, and I enjoyed our last day of summer vacation! We did go to the school just long enough to run a few copies, then we headed for lunch at McDonald's - their favorite. I figured it would be our last weekday lunch outside of school for a while so I let them choose. After lunch we headed to Mimi and Poppi's for a swim! Mikayla is now jumping off the diving board by herself (without someone catching her) and I've been meaning to get a picture. She swims very well in her float, but she will probably be swimming without it next summer!

Drew LOVES practicing new tricks on the diving board - cannon balls, toothpicks, jumping off backwards (scaring me to death), and attempting dives and flips. He is able to flip once he hits the water, but he would love to be able to flip in air - maybe next year. I know, from having a brother, that many things he will attempt in his life will have me gasping. His other favorite game to play is diving for sunken objects - he loves attempting this in the deep end (8 feet). He will keep trying until he gets them!!

I know two little fish (and a mama) who will be sad to see fall come just because it means the closing of the pool until next year.


Alice Teh said...

Love the pics, Alison! So much fun!

karen said...

hi alison, i got here through the friday's feast. i must say you have the cutest little darlings!
no wonder you're such a proud mom!

BeccaGirl said...

Ah, last day of summer fun. Today is droopy and a bit rainy and I was just thinking, it feels like summer is about over! I do love fall time, it's second only to spring. I'm glad you got to share one more fun summer day with the kiddos! Looks like it was a good time!

Tammy Duplessie said...

I'm tagging you with a My Middle Name Is meme. Check out my blog to see the rules.

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