Thursday, August 23, 2007


Barbara from Skittle's Place has tagged me with the Eight Random Things About Me meme. I've never done this one before so it should be fun!!

1. I am a bit (haha) clumsy. My family makes fun of the grace (or lack there of) that I have!
2. I LOVE sweet tea - in fact this was one of the things I craved while pregnant with both children. I keep telling myself I'm going to only drink water, but I can't seem to go without at least one glass a day.
3. The other thing I craved while pregnant was Ranch dressing - salads, french fries - it didn't matter I had to have the Ranch!
4. I have a nasty habit of biting my finger nails! I stopped biting them last year and had let them get really long, but I started biting them again this summer. I may have to go back to acrylics.
5. I have many hobbies - if only I had the time to get to them. I love any kind of craft! I have cross - stitched, made hair bows for Mikayla, decorated flip flops (again for Mikayla - what can I say Craig doesn't really want Drew dressed up all that much) :), tried card making, made jewelry, etc. I also LOVE to take pictures and scrapbook!
6. I have my favorite dishes at most restaurants and that's all I order! My husband wishes I'd try new things.
7. My nickname in high school (well one of them) was Vegas, but it had nothing to do with gambling.
8. I am a lover of animals - well not the creepy, crawly kind or the slimy slithery kind.

Now for the tag - this might be hard because I've seen this on a lot of blogs. I'll attempt to tag 5 anyway - here goes:

Mama Pajama


Shan said...

Hi! I found you through Skittles' Place...

You are just like my husband when it comes to ordering food. Whereas I try lots of things, he orders the same thing all the time.

And kudos to being a kindergarten teacher--my mom is a kindergarten aide, and I don't know how you all do it everyday! I teach high school and am thankful that they can at least tie their shoes (well...most of them can). :-)

Mama Pajama said...

Mine is up.....Thanks for the tag!

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