Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2

For my second Thursday Thirteen I thought I would list 13 activities my children have been involved with in one way or another:

1. Baseball - Drew will begin his 4th year this spring.
2. Tap - Mikayla will begin her 3rd year in September.
3. Ballet - This will be the 3rd year for Mikayla.
4. Gymnastics - Drew participated in gymnastics through daycare for 2 months.(Craig only agreed after everyone else in his entire class began taking, including ALL the boys.)
5. Karate - Drew participated in one year of karate through his after school program.
6. Wrestling - Wrestlers from our high school team came to Drew's after school program to show students some of the basics. Drew did not like this - only participated 2 days.

7. Basketball - Drew will begin his 2nd year in January.
8. Pageants - Mikayla has participated in two ALL natural pageants. She has enjoyed these, and would probably want to do more. I am not willing to participate in these heavily - the only ones we would ever do more than likely would be the natural pageants. And, we won't be participating in many of those!
9. Jazz - Mikayla will begin her 2nd year in September.
10. Golf - 2 weeks of camp this past summer for Drew.
11. Soccer - Drew participates in his first soccer game this Saturday.
12. Clogging - Mikayla will begin her first year in September.
13. Cheer leading - Mikayla will begin her first year in January through Upward - she wanted to this past year but she had to be four. This year she will be old enough.
Boy, they keep us busy! Luckily, several of these activities were offered through their daycare or the after school program. Our goal has always been to provide both our children with as many opportunities we could and let them choose their favorite activities. Eventually, we will be forced to cut back but right now we are having so much fun!!!

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