Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's About that Time!

August 1st - summer vacation is winding down. Lucky for us this year, school doesn't start back until the end of August (previous years students came the second week). Still, I always begin having mixed emotions this time of year. I LOVE having my summers off to spend time with my children and I'm sad to see it end, however, I begin to get excited about getting back into the classroom with a whole new group of students. Yesterday the kids and I, along with my sister, went to a local teacher supply store to pick up a few things that I needed. Then, just me and the kids went to my school to see if we could get down to my classroom (they were waxing the halls, but we were able to get in my back door). Drew and Mikayla always love going to my classroom - they think of it as a playroom. We only stayed about an hour yesterday - long enough for me to get my furniture arranged. They were so well behaved yesterday, we decided that we would go back for a little while today. So after we got breakfast this morning, we went back. Drew and Mikayla were such big helpers to me, but they got a little restless after being there awhile today. Which leads me to my next post...

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