Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Gatlinburg: Day Two

Saturday morning we headed back out to "the strip" to see what we had missed the night before (the end at the Aquarium). We didn't actually visit the aquarium because we have been to the one at Myrtle Beach many, many times before and they appeared to be very similar. Craig and Drew found a go cart speed track to try out. This was Drew's first time riding "go carts". He liked it until other drivers started bumping them - HARD!We had dinner at a nice Italian place - does it look like Mikayla enjoyed it?After dinner, Craig took Drew on the Earthquake ride - above you see him hanging onto his daddy's arm during the ride. This is a simulator where you load into a subway car and it simulates the movements during an earthquake. I, again, stayed outside with Mikayla because she was adamant about not riding. As soon as Mikayla and I sat down on a bench outside I heard screaming. Immediately, I knew it was Drew. He screamed for the remainder of the ride and when it stopped I heard him yell "is it over?". When he came off the ride he had a terrified look on his face and he was shaking all over. Now, can you imagine what the scene would have been like if he had gone through with Ripley's Haunted Adventure (see post below)?

Drew and Mikayla enjoyed watching as taffy and candy apples were made in the candy shops.We went back to the hotel early afternoon partly because it was so hot and partly because Drew and Mikayla wanted to swim in the "hot pool" (heated pool at the hotel). Craig laid down for a little, while the kids and I headed down to the pool. First we tried out the lazy river - it was so hot it was not much of a relief in the hot weather. I could see how wonderful it would be in the fall/winter. Then we went to the pool - it was heated, but it wasn't near as hot. It provided some relief from the heat so we remained there until it was time to head up to get ready for supper. For supper, we headed over to Pigeon Forge. It had been a long time since I had been there (my mom and dad took us to Dolly Wood when we were kids) and Craig had never been. We decided to eat at Corky's BBQ while we were there. I had seen Corky's before featured on the food network, and we had passed the one in Gatlinburg that morning. It was DELISH! It was the best place we ate while we were in the mountains, and it was also the BEST BBQ Craig or I have ever eaten in our lives! If you like BBQ I strongly urge you to try Corky's!! I know, sounds like a commercial right? - I only stress this because it is so GOOD!!
I'll be craving these nachos I'm sure -they are that good!
After supper we headed back to Gatlinburg to the mirror maze. Drew and Mikayla decided this was something they wanted to do when they spotted it while playing putt putt the night before. We laughed the whole time we were inside.

These are a couple of pictures I took on our drive home Sunday. Such a beautiful, peaceful, fun mini vacation!!

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Melanie said...

Looks like a great trip! The mountains are the one thing I miss about the upstate! :)

The other nice thing about my new school that I forgot to mention in my post....we also get paid 2x a month! I don't know what's better, wearing jeans anytime or getting a check just when I run out of money! Hahaha!

have a great school year and tell everyone I said hello!

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