Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Mikayla!

Today is our baby girl's fourth birthday! I can't believe she is already four. I call her my baby girl still, but let's face it I really don't have babies anymore. They are growing so fast, faster than I would like actually! I plan to post her "birth story" as I posted Drew's on his birthday, but I will do this tomorrow night when I have more time! It's interesting I'll assure you - at least it was for us! HAHA
We went to eat at Pizza Inn tonight - Mikayla's choice - for her birthday. Mimi and Jennie went with us. Poppi wanted to go, but he was playing golf and wasn't sure when he would be home.
Drew LOVES salad so Pizza Inn is also one of his favorite places because of the salad bar!
After eating we went to Mimi and Poppi's house to wait for Poppi to get home. The kids would not have gone to sleep tonight without seeing their Poppi! And he wanted to see them just the same! Mikayla also opened her presents from Mimi and Poppi!

We got cupcakes for her to take to school to celebrate her birthday, and she will have her party this Saturday! A swim party at - you guessed it Mimi and Poppi's! We had previously given Mikayla her presents from us - clothes for school and a Leapster and a couple of games. She played the Leapster on our road trips this summer!! I like them because the kids are having fun, but the games teach them as well!! Great all around!!

We hope you had a GREAT birthday baby girl! I can't believe it's been four years already! You make us proud every day!


The Gal Herself said...

Such a big week for such a cute little girl! Sorry about the bruises, but glad everyone survived …

Jenn said...

Gah..its hard to believe she turned 4 today..it seems like just yesterday she was just a baby and we were all at the hospital!!!...Hate she got that knot on her noggin bless her heart...but boy didn't we have fun 2night at pizza inn we always do when we go out!!!!

BeccaGirl said...

I see that big red bow in her hair, did you make it? I love it when little girls look like little girls!

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