Sunday, August 26, 2007

Soccer Practice

This year Drew is playing a fall sport for the first time. He has been asking to play football the past two years and we have missed sign-ups. Then, in the spring he started talking about soccer. So, this fall we signed him up for soccer, but we still didn't sign him up for football. We will try soccer this year, and if he doesn't like it will we try football next year. We felt it would be too hard to get him to practices and games of two different sports and get Mikayla to her dance classes when they start. Even though I know very little about soccer, and I've never wanted to watch it (until now) mommy is hoping he likes soccer! Here are some pictures from practice this week:

Mikayla is also glad daddy is not the coach!Drew scores a goal!His favorite thing to do is play goalie! What I like about AYSO is that every child gets a chance to be the goalie, and every child must play in at least 3 of the four quarters at every game! That's what it should be all about - fun, not winning! At least at this age!

Oh yea, did I mention they had Craig listed as head coach for Drew's team??? Craig was terrified - he doesn't know anything about soccer!! When we registered Drew, they asked if he would be willing to help. He replied "sure, I'll help". I don't think he meant that as I'll be the head coach! LOL He called the commissioner and let him know he'd help any way, but he didn't think it would be fair to the boys if he was head coach since he didn't know anything about soccer! They asked the assistant coach and he agreed to be head coach! Craig was very relieved!!

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