Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Beds

Drew has a little plastic chair in his room (goes with his Little Tykes desk) that he has been sitting in to watch TV at night. Craig said it looks like the most uncomfortable thing and has been wanting to get him this bed for awhile now. Saturday night we went and got it (an excellent deal at our local Big Lots) and he finished putting it together today! It is a bunk bed with a futon on the bottom. Craig is sure the futon will be more comfortable to sit on and watch TV. It is also beneficial because we now have a place for guests to sleep (if they don't mind sleeping in Drew's room that is). When Mikayla was born we turned our guest bedroom/office into her bedroom leaving no place for guests. Drew seems to be enjoying it a lot!

We were able to put Drew's "old" bed on top of Mikayla's bed to complete her bunk bed. These are the bunk beds my sister and I used when we shared a room as kids and then she used when we moved back here and we each had our own rooms. Mikayla doesn't seem to mind - in fact, she looks very comfortable sleeping here! We are using the top for storage right since Mikayla won't be sleeping there anytime soon! When we get another mattress, we will have another "guest bed".


Joseph C. Harris said...

Cute pictures. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Have a good week.

Mama Pajama said...

What a cool bed! That is a great idea - like a couch under a bed! Thanks for linking to my site! You're the first person to do it...I think. I really enjoy reading your blog!

BeccaGirl said...

My brother and I had bunk beds like this too. You could use together or apart and I love that it's still around for your kiddos to utilize!

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