Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School

Today was our first day back to school! Mrs. Brooks and I (along with our student teacher) got to know our new students for this year, and Drew started first grade. Drew and Mikayla weren't real thrilled about having to get up early, even though we had been trying to prepare them for awhile.

They look REAL thrilled in this picture, right? haha

I made them take another one - I guess they thought we may as well smile, she's just gonna make us keep takin' them if we don't. :)

Once we got moving though they really were excited! Drew started acting a little quiet once we got to school though. When we were walking in the building he said "mama, can you sign me up to be a car rider?" I explained to him that he would have to attend our after school program. To which he replied "I shoulda just stayed at home" - oh, if it were only that easy!

In kindergarten, Mrs. Brooks, Ms. Smith, and I had lots of fun introducing routines, practicing going to the cafeteria, actually going to the cafeteria for lunch, learning all sorts of new rules, ect. We have a great group of students this year and we are all very excited to see the progress that our little ones make!

When we picked Drew up, we were excited to find out that he had a great day. I saw him and Mrs. Mitchell in the cafeteria and she said he was doing well. He was one of the only students in her class to remember his lunch number - this surprised me because I had forgotten to review it with him last night. He had a smiley face on his planner - we made a big deal about this and told him that's what we expect to see every day! Yah Drew!

I asked Mikayla what she did today when I picked her up. She replied "I don't want to tell you". With more questions I found out that she had a great day as well. We learned what she had for lunch, which students weren't there because they were sick, who she played with, etc. Our silly kids - I guess they think we will just stop asking if they don't give us an answer the first time. You'd think they'd learned by now - mama's gonna find out, one way or another! :)


Skittles said...

I couldn't help but laugh at the first picture. My kids used to look the same way!

I'm glad the kids had a good first day. You, too!

Skittles said...

You've been TAGGED with the Eight Things meme!

Mama Pajama said...

I love it...Mama always finds out the facts....It looks like they had a great first day!

BeccaGirl said...

Congrats on another great first day back. I love that 1st pic and glad you put it up first! LOL It reflects most kids' feelings on the inside. :)

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