Thursday, August 30, 2007

My First Award!

I have just received my first ever blogging award thanks to Bridget at And Miles to Go...!!! I am so excited! The best part about getting this is being able to pass it on! Several of my friends that I consider "blogging stars" have already received this award, but I'm thinking I'll award them again! You can never have too many awards right?? :)

And the award goes to...

1. Becca (already been awarded, but it wouldn't hurt her to receive it again! She's such a kind, caring person with a great blog!

2. Jennie (my sister, and oh so deserving - she's had to put up with me all these years)

3. Bridget (I'm passing it back because I think she is very deserving! Have you ever checked her blog???)

4. Mama Pajama (She's already received this, but again very deserving!)

5. Nicole (Kind and thoughtful friend who I've found even has the same birthday as my daughter.)

6. Shelby (Wonderful thoughts and pictures on her blog!)

7. The Gal Herself (She always has such sweet things to say!)

8. Trish ("Real life" friend who I met through my sister. She doesn't update her blog much, but I wanted to award her anyway.)
9. Melanie ("Real life" friend who used to teach at the school with me, but recently moved. We still keep in touch through our blogs.)


The Gal Herself said...

Thank you, Alison! How cool is this? But I must admit that it's easy to say sweet things about Drew and Mikayla!

Shelby said...

oh THANK YOU!!!!!!!

BeccaGirl said...

I'm No. 1!! I'm No. 1!! LOL Just joking...thanks Alison, for thinking of me. It's so sweet of you! I'm happy you got the award too, you certainly deserve it!
On a side note: Maybe I'm not as kind as you, I didn't even take time to pass it on to anyone else! But if I would have, I would have bounced it back over to you ;-)
Thanks again!!!

Mama Pajama said...

Thanks Allison! And Right Back Atcha!!! These are so fun, right?

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