Sunday, July 29, 2007

VBS Commencement

Tonight we had the commencement program for our Vacation Bible School at church. Mikayla had been working hard all week on the Bible verse that she was to memorize, and had been reciting it for many people including Ms. Amanda. I wondered if she would say it in front of everyone at church tonight - she didn't. None of the children in her group recited theirs - Ms. Amanda even specifically asked "Mikayla do you want to say yours?", but she continued to shake her head no. We are thankful that she learned it!

Mikayla and some of the other children in her group sing one of the songs they learned this week.

Drew and some of the other children in his group receive their certificates. Drew's group also sang a song, and I was surprised at how well Drew sang. Drew was the only one from his group to recite the Bible verse that he had been working on this week - John 3:16. This was really like more of a review for Drew though, because he had previously memorized this verse for AWANAS. My camera batteries were dying so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked to. At the end, Ms. Amanda took a pie in the face. Our church has been collecting school supplies for those less fortunate. During the week, we had a competition to see who could bring in more school supplies to donate - the boys or the girls? To encourage them, Ms. Amanda said she would have a pie thrown in her face if the boys beat the girls. The girls ended up donating more, but Tanner (with the pie) reminded Ms. Amanda that she had also said if the boys donated 100 or more items she would still take a pie to the face, even if the girls won.

We had a fun week in VBS and I know my kids will be counting down for next year! We even had 1 profession of faith - and that is what it's all about!!

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