Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Funny Girl

As Drew, Mikayla, and I were stopped at a stoplight today Mikayla suddenly blurts out "look at that turkey". Drew immediately responds with "where" as I begin to look for something that resembles a turkey (it has to be a bird that she's seen I'm sure, because there's no way a turkey would be roaming around at a busy intersection). Not seeing anything that resembles a bird, I ask Mikayla "where". She responds with finger pointed "there - cain't you see that brown thang?" I look in the direction she pointed just as the light turns green and we begin to move through the intersection. I think all three of us saw the turkey at the exact same time. Mikayla exclaims "ohhhh that ain't a turkey that's a garbage caaan!". The three of us erupt in laughter with Mikayla laughing the loudest! What she saw was actually a brown plastic bag tied to a stick and it was moving in the wind - I guess from across the road it could've looked like a turkey. Never a dull moment!!

1 comment:

Trish said...

that is hilarious and definately made me do " LOL " haha! =]

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