Friday, July 13, 2007

Growin' Up

Even though Mikayla is moving out of the toddler stage (in many ways, she's already out of this stage) she still mispronounces some words. We try not to encourage this (stifled laughs don't help), and I always repeat what she says correctly. But, I must admit how cute it is to hear this especially when I know we will be hearing this less and less as our baby girl is growing up.
Some examples - I'll include the correct pronunciation just in case you need it:
wallermelon - watermelon
babin soup - bathing suit
spasketti - spaghetti
coco-la - coca-cola (she has recently shortened this to only say Coke)
Drew has also changed a lot this summer. Where he used to be more impulsive, I can see that he is trying to think more before acting now. (Is it wishful thinking to hope this will continue?!?!) Yesterday, as we are heading out the door, Drew was ahead of Mikayla. Mikayla started to whine, "I wanted to be the leader". Drew turned and came back to me so that Mikayla could "lead" us to the car. Now, would he have ever done this just months ago? Not on your life! He would have ran to make sure that he continued to be the leader. Yes, I can see we are making progress! He also wants to "help" Mikayla when needed, hold her hand, assure her that everything will be okay when she's upset, etc. These are the times that they melt my heart!

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