Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Fourth!!

We had a fun, relaxing fourth of July! After sleeping in, we spent the day at home. After a trip to Walmart (which by the way for those interested the fourth is the best day to go if you are in a hurry), we headed out to the Lake. We were going to the landing to watch fireworks all around the lake. We weren't the only ones - it was packed!! We decided to leave and head over to mom and dad's house instead. We were going over there for BBQ, and we decided we'd enjoy fireworks from there as well! Poppi lights a "snake" for Drew and Mikayla

I thought these pictures of Drew and Mikayla with sparklers turned out pretty cool. I was using the fireworks setting so the shutter speed was slower, hence the blurriness.

Craig, the kids, and I went and bought some fireworks Tuesday night to shoot! The kid in me definitely surfaces when it comes to fireworks. I like to watch them as much, if not more than, Drew and Mikayla do.
The sparklers were a hit Tuesday night as well. You can really see the difference in these pictures that were not taken using my fireworks setting.
Mikayla got used to the sparklers, but she never got used to the "loud" ones. She kept saying "daddy don't do no more big ones". We still have yet to shoot all of them. Drew's excited about them though so maybe we will shoot them tomorrow night for his birthday!

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