Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Miniature Golf

Today, we went to Frankie's Fun Park with Jadyn, Trevyr, and Ms. Amy. The plan was we would play a game of putt putt, enjoy lunch, and then spend a little time in the game room. Drew and Mikayla were super excited to get started with putt putt once we arrived. So excited, in fact, that I asked them to settle down a little while I paid for our game. It didn't take long for all of them to get tired and hot, however, so that by the end of the game Amy and I had decided that we would just eat lunch and head home (no games). I was able to get a few good pictures before though. Jadyn starts us off at hole number one - Drew is showing her where the hole is.

Mikayla just made her putt - go girl!

I love this picture! It's hard to tell but they are standing on the edge looking down at the water - it almost looks like Drew and Jadyn are leaning against those rocks. The rocks were actually on the other side of the "stream".

Drew just made his putt - go boy!

I LOVE this picture of Trevyr - I wanted to take all of the kids pictures here, but Trevyr was the only one that wanted his picture taken at the time!

I love this picture of Drew and Mikayla, with the exception of Drew's eyes being closed - hey I can't blame him, they were facing the sun!

We all had a great time at Frankie's even if the kids began acting a little tired before we finished. Mikayla slept for 4 hours this afternoon, and Drew even napped (which he never does anymore) a little while before church. I knew they were tired! Amy called me this afternoon and we agreed that we would get together again next week - we are certain all four will be better then!

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