Sunday, July 15, 2007

Vacation, Finally!

Well the kids and I are off tomorrow for a little mini vacation. As it has happened, Craig has not had an opportunity to take time off of work this summer. When we "planned" to go on vacation the last week in June he wasn't able to get time off because he had just let a worker go. After that, we "planned" to go this week, but the worker hired to take the place of earlier said worker was let go yesterday. I started thinking it wasn't looking too good for us to take a vacation this summer (and we can't have that, right?). So today, I decided that the kids and I would go to the beach for a "mini vacation". The kids are super excited, and mom is full of emotions. It will be the first time Craig and I have ever been away from each other for more than one night since we married, and I've never taken the kids on vacation by myself - it's sure to be interesting! We probably will not stay as long as we would have if Craig was going with us. Who knows though, we may get down there and have so much fun we end up staying the whole week! Time will tell - we leave bright and early in the morning! Look for lots of pictures once we return!

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Nicole said...

How is/was your vacation? I am eager to hear all about it when you get back. I would say hurry up and get back, but I can understand wanting to stay on vacation as long as humanly possible!

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