Thursday, July 19, 2007

Putt Putt

Since our trip to the beach last year (and Drew won putt-putt passes playing BINGO) all he has talked about is going to play putt-putt at the beach again. So with the full understanding that we would leave at the first sound of whining/screaming, I took the kids to play. They behaved much better than they had on our shopping adventure, and we all had a fantastic time!

Drew has become quite the golfer since golf camp. He can putt extremely well (well better than me anyway) when he takes his time. We didn't keep score, but he managed 3 hole-in-ones and on several holes it only took him 2 putts. If I recall correctly, I don't believe he had to putt more than 3 times on any hole.
I was surprised at how well Mikayla played - she came close to getting a hole-in-one on several holes (it won't be long). If she didn't get close after one or two putts, she picked the ball up and placed it close to the hole so all she had to do was tap it in.
Can you tell they had fun?

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