Thursday, July 19, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I was tagged by Nicole over at scribblesnscraps. This is the first time I've been tagged with a Meme, and since this seems like something I can handle, I'll give it a try.

The Rules: “Each person posts the rules before their list, then they list 8 things about themselves. At the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other people and then visits those peoples’ sites and comments letting them know that they have been tagged, and to come read the post, so they know what they have to do.”

1. I’m a kindergarten teacher which most people know since it's on my profile. I have been teaching for 6 year, and will begin my seventh year in August. I was voted my school's teacher of the year by my peers for the upcoming school year.

2. My children will both be at the school with me for the first time this year. Drew will begin 1st grade and Mikayla will be coming in the afternoon for 4 year old kindergarten. I'm sure this will prove to be very exciting - the school will never be the same.

3. We have had several different pets. Both Craig and I are animal lovers and so are our kids. Currently we have one bird (we had two, but one died just last week), and two hermit crabs. Over the years we have had 2 rabbits, 2 turtles, 4 birds, 4 dogs, a hamster, a frog, many hermit crabs, and many fish - not all these at the same time thank goodness!

4. Like Nicole, I am a book lover too! I have many, many books in my personal library - some I read for enjoyment and some are professional books I read for work. My children also have hundreds of books in their personal libraries - I thought it was just the teacher in me! My husband tells me we don't need any more pictures and we don't need anymore books! I also have an extensive library of books in my classroom.

5. Again, like Nicole, I am a scrapbooker. I have been scrapbooking since I was in high school, but I didn't call it "scrapbooking" until later. I love to scrapbook pictures of my children/family!

6. I am a reality TV junkie! My favorite of all the reality shows is Big Brother, and I am soooo glad it is on right now! I also enjoy Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor, and the new one that's on right now Age of Love.

7. I am a music lover, and listen to a wide variety of music. My favorite types are Country and Christian. I have many favorite songs with even my children knowing them by heart, and the 3 of us can often be seen singing in the van.

8. I love the Internet - you can find anything you need with the click of a mouse! It is a great tool to use while researching. It has given me a great place to journal. I also use it as a way to keep up with friends/make new ones.

Ok, so there's 8 things about me - that wasn't so bad! I'll wait until in the morning to tag my 8 since it is wayyyyy past my bedtime already - so look for an update then! Thanks Nicole, this was fun!!

I'm tagging these people, but that doesn't mean they'll respond. I'm off to comment them to let them know!

Jennie The Gal Herself

Trish Skittles

Melanie Kara

Bridget Erin


Skittles said...

Oh nooo.. I already did this one. Who knows though.. maybe I'll throw up some new answers over the weekend.

Thanks so much for thinking of me. :)

BeccaGirl said...

I love that you added that you are a scrapbooker. I didn't even think of mentioning that when I did this meme! Probably because I don't get to do it as much as I'd like to (my own fault). Your husband is just plain wrong about one thing - you can NEVER have too many pictures!!!

Twyla said...

I came here via Skittles' place. :-) I am the biggest reality show junkie too. I LOVE Big Brother. I think I'm obsessed with it. LOL Who are you hoping to win?

The Gal Herself said...

This has been a great way to meet you, Alison! I answered my 8 and tagged some more folks. Thanks so much for thinking of me.

Erin said...

okay, I'm off to think of 8 semi-interesting things about myself. I think I talk about myself too much that there isn't anything left unknown, lol : )

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