Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vacation Bible School 2007 - Night 2

Drew and Mikayla show off the "bug boxes" they made the second night of VBS. Notice the tables behind them - it's really starting to look like a "craft room". Drew was also chosen to hold the American flag during the pledges Monday night, and he did an excellent job - you know, the flag didn't touch the ground, nothing was turned over in the process, etc. He even got a big thumbs up from our youth director, Mr. Randy! Mikayla has been working very hard this week to memorize the Bible verse that she will recite during the commencement program this Sunday night - "God said, 'I will send rain on the earth'" 1 Kings 18:1! She can recite the verse with minimal help, but still struggles with the address. She will get it!!

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