Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Sweet Hubby!

I have the sweetest, most thoughtful husband in the world! Now, he has his moments - believe me, he has his moments (don't we all) - but for the most part he is extremely caring and thoughtful. He always thinks of others before himself, and he continues to demonstrate this, even while working 80+ hours a week. Taking out the trash as he leaves each morning, and coming home to cut the grass in the dark are just a few examples. Knowing these are things I don't particularly like to do he does them in his only free time! He has also been known to surprise the kids and I from time to time with goodies. Last week it was a beautiful necklace for me that he ordered from one of the girls at work. And tonight, it was something I have been wanting a long time!
After leaving work tonight (and bringing a change of clothes to VBS for Mikayla after she spilled paint in her lap), Craig went to the mall to have this tag made for the front of my van! I LOVE IT!!! We had one made for all of the grandparents a couple of years ago for Christmas and since then I have wanted one. He picked out the pictures, the saying, everything! He also had the sticker I've been wanting, made for my back window. It's a sticker that shows our family - dad, mom, boy, girl. Isn't he wonderful??


Skittles said...

What a cool idea!

Erin said...

That is so sweet. And what a great idea!

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