Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Couple of Funnies...

It is always fun for me to watch Mikayla with her baby dolls - rocking them, kissing them, singing to them, even clapping her hands together (complete with high pitched "baby talk") then holding them out to pick the baby up. We had a funny conversation last night while playing with babies.

Mikayla: My baby don't gat spane kings. If she hits she don't gat a spane king, if she bites she don't gat a spane king, if she says stupid she don't gat a spane king...

Me: Babies need to learn right from wrong. What happens if she does those things?

Mikayla: I just put her in her bed (demonstrates with the baby doll bed she has brought in the room). She cries but she has to stay there.
Me: That's like her time-out, huh? Time-out is great if it gets her to stop doing those things. Mommy's and daddy's don't like giving spankings do we?
My daughter has a pretty good understanding of the consequences that she faces for making wrong choices. It's also very apparent that she doesn't like spankings. (Spankings are not the only form of consequence in our home, but we do use them when deemed necessary.)
Then, this afternoon after returning from playing miniature golf (see post above), I sent Drew and Mikayla to their rooms. I could tell by their behavior that they were tired and I wanted them to rest some before VBS tonight. Drew comes out of his room crying that he wanted to call his Poppi. "I need to tell my Poppi I'm grounded." I found this quite funny because "grounded" is not a word that we have used with Drew or Mikayla yet. When I think of being "grounded" I think of older children. We are still saying things like "time-out", "no TV", and "no toys".
Does it seem that my children are too focused on consequences?? I'd say, by their behavior, I doubt that!

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