Saturday, July 14, 2007

Touching the Bottom of the Pool

Drew loves to dive down/jump down and touch the bottom of pools. While swimming today, he gave instructions to Jennie and I on how to touch the bottom in the deep end. These are the directions Drew passed along - they seemed to be working pretty well for him:

1. Get breathin' goggles (the goggles without the nose covering)
2. Keep kickin'
3. Keep your eyes on the bottom

Wouldn't it be nice if everything in life were this simple?


Anonymous said...

Hey this is Josh B. Even after he gave u the instructions u prob still had trouble get down there lol u couldnt get down there fast enought before 2 beat me that time we went swinming haha

Alison said...

Very funny, Josh! I can get down there just fine thank you - and if I remember correctly I did beat you a few of those times! LOL It sure was fun - we'll have to do that again, I been practicin' lol

Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure that u didnt ever win even when jenn and drew was helpin u lol u better practice harder lol

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