Monday, July 09, 2007

Painting Fun

This week I am taking a graduate course offered through our district as part of the Literacy Initiative, so Drew and Mikayla are going to daycare. They, like me, have not been looking forward to that part of it - we so enjoy our time together. Today, though, they seemed to have fun. They were smiling when I dropped them off this morning and smiling when I picked them up this afternoon. Let's hope the rest of this week goes as smoothly! Hopefully, it's helpful for them to know it's just for one week and then they get to stay with mommy again!

We made up for lost time when we arrived home. We read, worked dot to dots, and painted with Drew's Paint with Water books he got for his birthday. It was during the painting that my inquisitive 6 year old began the following conversation:
Drew: Why is this water not different colors?
Mom: I'm not sure, why do you think? (I was curious to hear his reasoning.) Drew: Probably because there's not any paint.
I thought this was a pretty good answer - you don't use paint (you brush a wet brush over colored dots to make the color). He remembered from painting with watercolors that when you put the brushes in the water, the water changes colors. It made sense to me!
Once Drew seemed satisfied that he'd found his answer, Mikayla piped up to remind him that he was not wiping the excess water from his brush. "Dwew, you gotta wipe you brush on the cup". Our girl is quite the little mama, and this doesn't always sit well with Drew, who proceeded to tell her "you are not the boss of me". Oh, the joys of siblings.

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