Thursday, July 26, 2007

Teeth Cleaning!

Drew watches as Ms. Wendy gets ready to clean his teeth.

Today, Drew and Mikayla were scheduled to have their 6 month dental check-up and their teeth cleaned. Drew went first as he is the "professional" at this. He has been going to the dentist since he was 4 so it has become pretty routine for him. Since that first visit, he has lost two bottom teeth (permanent teeth growing in now) and another tooth on top is loose. His six year molars have also completely come in. With all of these huge (permanent) changes occurring in his mouth, Drew continues to do an excellent job of taking care of his teeth. The dentist said his teeth look great, and to keep doing what we are doing!! When I asked about his molars he said "he's got some grooves in them (makes them harder to clean), but he's doing a good job cleaning them". So, yeah Drew!! Keep it up buddy!
I put these two pictures together to show the contrast - Drew closes his eyes while Ms. Wendy cleans his teeth, but Mikayla is on alert.Now, for Mikayla's report - I really wish I had more to report on her. Those of you who have been following my blog for awhile may remember Mikayla's first trip to the dentist 6 months ago. She wasn't enthused to be there, and after a little crying she let Ms. Wendy clean her teeth while sitting in my lap. Well, since this was her second visit she was going to try to sit in the chair by herself - until we got back in the room that is. She seemed to get more and more nervous watching Drew have his teeth cleaned and decided that she wanted to sit in my lap. Ms. Wendy suggested she sit in the chair beside Drew and I could hold her hand. As you can tell by the look on her face in the photo above, she's still not convinced Drew's going to be much help! Sitting beside Drew, she let Ms. Wendy clean most of her top teeth before turning her head and beginning to wail - "I don't want that yucky stuff"! Drew by this point has decided that he does not like sitting with her and wants out of the chair. So, we help Drew down and I go around to hold Mikayla in my lap. She continues to cry like someone is hurting her, and Ms. Wendy says "I think we've lost her today". Determined, I try talking to her once more (my fear was if she got out of having her teeth cleaned this time by crying, she would cry every time). Ms. Wendy had the answer for that too! Drew received a new tooth brush and two more prizes for doing such a great job today, while Mikayla received nothing. Realizing this made Mikayla cry scream even more. I'm sure this (along with mommy insisting that having our teeth cleaned is something we all have to do) will encourage Mikayla at her next appointment in six months.

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