Saturday, June 10, 2006

What a Vacation!!

We arrived home from a week spent in Myrtle Beach late yesterday afternoon. We had just enough time to unpack and to start one load of laundry and we were off to eat supper at Pizza Inn with Mimi, Poppi, Aunt Jennie, and Josh! Mimi and Poppi were so happy to see us (especially Drew and Mikayla), and we were all happy to see them! It was also the first time we had seen Jennie in over two weeks. She was at the beach a week before us, and was coming home Saturday as we were heading down! I will be posting lots of pictures of our trip. We had a wonderful time, and Drew and Mikayla were able to enjoy many experiences while we were there! I will also be posting several pictures from Mikayla's dance recital and her dress rehearsal. Since we left for the beach directly after her recital last Saturday, I have not had a chance to post those yet! First though, I must get some more of our laundry done so I don't get so far behind this week!! Our family had a wonderful time on vacation, and we are so thankful to Nana and Papa Fred, Nanny, Uncle Ovid, Aunt Susan, Uncle Kent, Katie Beth, Rob, and Claudia for the time and memories shared!!

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