Sunday, June 11, 2006

Recital Part II

Okay, so now I will try this again. Blogger was being a booger and wouldn't let me upload anymore pictures to my last post (please see below for the first part of this post). I still had a few more I wanted to add so here we go with Recital Part II. Mikayla during her ballet routine! I wanted to add these two pictures with the one on the blog below, but was unable to for whatever reason! She's the pink flower on the far right!Here all the girls get ready to perform the finale. Mikayla (in the pink) and her friend Abbi (the yellow flower) dance the finale with Miss Haley. They both did a wonderful job. At the end Mikayla finished with her back to us - I wish I had gotten a picture of that, but we do have it on video. It was so funny! Teachers in this picture are (from left to right) Miss Haley, Miss Nicole, and Miss Andrea. Mikayla excepts her first trophy ever for completing one year of dance at Rising Star Dance Company. That's her lead instructor, Miss Andrea, to the right passing the trophies out!

Mikayla has thoroughly enjoyed these last three months that she has taken dance. She loves Miss Andrea, Miss Haley, and Miss Nicole! They were all so helpful with Mikayla and made a wonderful impression on her! We can't wait for September when next year's dance season starts. Mikayla is still dancing her routine, as well as some of the other girls' routines that she learned just from watching the recital!!

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