Thursday, June 22, 2006

Last Pictures from Our Trip to the Beach!

I tried to add these four pictures to my blog under their "titled" post, but for whatever reason blogger would not upload them (even after it said "your photos have been uploaded"). So before I deleted them from my card tonight, I thought I would try to upload them one more time. And VOILA, it worked. So I promise these will be the last photos from this particular beach trip!

These three are from our trip to Ripley's Aquarium:

This is a sawfish! When Drew saw it laying above our heads, he said "mom, get a picture".

This green sea turtle is eating in the above picture, and below he is swimming over our heads. This is my favorite animal in the whole aquarium!

This picture should have been with the other pictures from Putt-Putt:

Drew is this close to the whole after only one hit! This was one of the four wholes he got close to a hole-in-one on!

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