Monday, June 12, 2006

Playing Putt-Putt

This was the hole that Mikayla almost got a hole-in-one on. She did this completely on her own. Here, she gets ready for her second shot.
Mikayla taps the ball in the hole!
Drew prepares to hit this ball over water!

Last Tuesday while on vacation, Craig spent the morning playing golf with his step-brother Didge. So I took Mikayla and Drew to play putt-putt. There's another great thing about Ocean Lakes, an 18 hole putt-putt course right behind the pools. In fact, I had just won a free round of putt-putt the night before when Craig and I had played BINGO in the recreation center. Since it was just me with Drew and Mikayla, I didn't get to play. I had my hands full with my camera and helping Mikayla with her "club". Drew used a real club, but we picked out a plastic one for Miki. Pretty smart of us too because when she got mad on the very first hole, she threw that club straight to the ground. After talking with mommy, and the assurance that if she did that again she would no longer be playing she calmed down. After that first hole, we had a wonderful game of putt-putt. Drew and Mikayla stayed with me, took turns going first on alternating holes, and even cheered for each other! I was also impressed with how well Drew did! On several holes (four in fact), he almost got a hole-in-one. I know, I know almost isn't something to brag about, but for a four year old I feel it is. Mikayla is still at the stage where she hits the ball one time and, no matter where it lands, picks it up and puts it right on the edge of the hole so she can just tap it in. Luckily at this point we aren't keeping score, and Drew didn't seem to mind at all. I must say, though, that on one of the holes she actually came pretty close to getting a hole-in-one herself! We had a ball, and after we finished our game we went back to the house to change into our bathing suits to head to the pool for a swim!

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