Sunday, June 11, 2006

Spending Time on the Atlantic Shoreline

While on vacation last week to Myrtle Beach, we spent several of our mornings at the ocean or the "big water" as Drew and Mikayla call it. Mikayla wasn't very sure of this at first and never really got used to the ocean water. Craig tried to get her to put her feet in, and she would only do that a little. I took her out into the ocean about up to my knees and she was fine with that as long as I was holding her. If I went to put her feet in, she would start crying to go in to her daddy. Drew loved it, and if we would have let him, he would have gone waist deep by himself. He did get to go out pretty far with Craig and I (up to our waist), but by himself we would only let him go in ankle deep water. For the most part Drew stayed in the water ( except when building sand castles or bringing me seashells), and Mikayla stayed on the shore.

On Wednesday morning while we were at the ocean, a crowd gathered about ten feet to the right of where we were sitting and they were pointing out into the water. The water was empty except for two ladies floating on a float. About the same time that Craig spotted a dorsal fin out of the water the life guard blew her whistle and motioned for the ladies to come in. The dorsal fin that Craig pointed out to me was only about 5 feet from where those ladies were. They had no idea that there was a shark until the life guard blew her whistle. When they saw what everyone was pointing at, they started paddling like crazy to get to the shore! Three sand sharks were spotted that day in waist deep water. After we spotted them, no one in our family went past their ankles in the Atlantic Ocean. However, as you can tell from these pictures, we still enjoyed our time on the Atlantic Shoreline!

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