Thursday, June 15, 2006


Drew and Mikayla on the golf cart get ready to go play BINGO!Mikayla sits on Nanny's lap and waits for BINGO to start. Craig, Mikayla, Drew, Uncle Ovid, and Nanny wait for BINGO to start. Rob, Claudia Grace, and Nana would be joining us soon!

Craig's mom kept the kids for us on Monday night while at the beach so that Craig and I could go play BINGO at the campground recreation center. We had such a good time, and seeing that there were kids in there we thought we would give Drew and Mikayla a chance to play (for the first time) by going back on Wednesday night. Ocean Lakes offers BINGO every Monday and Wednesday night year-round, and the great part is that it is free. At first, Drew would get upset every time another person hollered BINGO and won because he wanted to win. We had told him about me winning on Monday night, but we tried to prepare him for the fact that we might not win again on this night! Somewhere around the ninth game (they play 20 games each night) I got BINGO on my card. Since I was holding both mine and Drew's card I let him yell it out. He won a free game of putt-putt at the campground putt-putt course. After he won, Drew was ready to go. Mikayla, of course, was just then ready to play so that she might could win. Up until this point, she had not been real interested in the game. Drew was the only person in our group to win on this night, but we all had a lot of fun!

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