Friday, June 30, 2006

First trip to Kanpai

I wanted to take Drew and Mikayla to Kanpai of Tokyo for lunch after our movie yesterday, but I didn't get reservations in time. They had never been before, and I thought they would love to see the chefs cook our food right at our table. Since we weren't able to get a reservation for lunch, Craig called and got us dinner reservations there!

Drew and Miki were so excited about going there. We had already told them about the chef cooking at our table so they would be prepared for that.

They couldn't wait to get in and see it for themselves. I'm not sure what the face is that Drew is making. For some reason, he has started making funny faces when I'm taking pictures of him.

Once seated we could watch chefs at the other tables cooking. I took this opportunity to get a picture of Craig, Mikayla, and Drew.

Mikayla was not sure about this at first; she is always very cautious in new situations. They both liked the taste of the soup and salad (Mikayla more so than Drew). Then when our chef got there they both got a little nervous. He assured them that he wouldn't do a big "fire" and I think this made Drew feel more at ease. He also made this Mickey Mouse head out of our rice, and they both liked that.

The more they watched, the better they liked it. We all enjoyed the food! They shared a child's shrimp (our server let them since they are 4 and 2), Craig had fillet, and I had fillet and shrimp.

Drew's favorite part was when our chef bounced an egg all around on the spatula, even bouncing it in his face. For some reason, blogger is not letting me upload that picture. I may try again later to upload it

Our family had a wonderful time at Kanpai, and we can't wait to go back!

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