Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dress Rehearsal for Mikayla's Recital

On Friday, June 2 at 5:30 we had dress rehearsal for Mikayla's recital which would be held the following afternoon. When we first arrived at the school, Mikayla was very excited! She kept saying "I gonna dance". Even walking the halls in the school to get to the auditoruim did not seem to make her nervous. However, as soon as we stepped through the doors to the auditorium and she saw the stage and all the seats she started crying. She wanted me to hold her, she wanted to go home, she wanted her daddy and her Drew (they had stayed at home) - she wanted anything but this! I picked her up and took her to the stage, the whole while telling her she was okay and I wasn't going to let anything happen to her. I also tried reminding her that this was going to be just like at the studio - she would be dancing with "her girls" and Miss Andrea, Miss Haley, and Miss Nicole - the only difference would be the stage and people watching. She did finally stand on the stage and let me take her picture.
Then as more children arrived and it got closer for them to start with the rehearsal, she became upset again. I was beginning to think that she really wasn't going to do the recital - I mean, she wasn't even going to do the rehearsal when the auditorium wasn't full of people. They called for all the girls to sit on the right side of the auditorium and Mikayla went to sit in Miss Haley's lap. Then, after a few minutes started crying again for mommy. I got her and let her sit in my lap with the other girls. Then they called for all the girls to go back-stage because it was time to rehearse the finale. The whole cast of Dancing Through Oz would participate in the finale. I took Mikayla to the "holding room" which was the room right off the stage. Parents were not allowed in the "holding room" and I thought it would be best if I didn't go in with her then since I wouldn't be allowed back there on Saturday during the recital. All I had to do was get her to go in that room with all of the other girls and the three teachers - good luck. When I opened the door to that room, all we saw were little girls. Mikayla was not about to go into a room with all those little girls, many of whom she did not know. I couldn't see either of her teachers from the door, and I was nervous about leaving her in there without one of them. Then one of the parents who would be back-stage on Saturday was going in the door and she asked if Mikayla wanted to walk around back there with her. Mikayla agreed, and I was ever so thankful. As I walked away from there heading back into the auditorium to watch I could hear Mikayla crying for me. At this point I was still fearing that she was not going to participate. When I got into the auditorium, I could still hear her crying back-stage. The crying only lasted a few more minutes and I was anxious to see if she was going to come out on stage with the other girls. Turns out - leaving her in that room was the best thing I did. Not only did she come out on stage to practice the finale with the other girls, she did everything else just as the other girls did them that night! I was so proud of her!

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