Thursday, June 15, 2006


The last two times we have gone to the beach, Nana has taken Drew and Mikayla (mommy and daddy too) to ride rides. Since she is a resident of Myrtle Beach, she gets unlimited ride bracelets at The Magic Kingdom for 10 dollars each so she likes to get one for Drew and Mikayla while they are there. Last year when we went, Drew and Mikayla had a ball. We ended up staying there for five hours. This year, the weather did not cooperate and we were not able to stay as long. After eating with Uncle Ovid at Crabby Mike's on Thursday night, we went back to the campground to get Nana. When we got there, we found out that Nanny had decided to go as well. Since Rob and Claudia Grace wanted to go, Aunt Susan and Uncle Kent had decided they would come as well, but they had to get some supper first.

Once Craig, Drew, Mikayla, and I arrived and helped Nana get Nanny out of the car, we went in to get Drew and Mikayla bracelets. A nice man who was leaving as we were coming in had given us the tickets that his family had left over. That was wonderful because it gave us tickets for one of the adults to use if we needed to ride with Drew or Mikayla. Drew spotted the Tilt-a-Whirl on our way to the ticket booth to get their bracelets and I promised him that we would ride that ride first. The tilt-a-whirl was the first "big" ride I rode as a child and it was one of my favorites! I was delighted to be the one to take Drew on this ride for the first time. When Mikayla was asked if she wanted to ride with us, she responded with an anticipated "no!" After Drew got over his initial uneasiness, we laughed all through the rest of the ride. The next ride Drew and Mikayla rode together. They chose a red fire truck from one of the kiddie cars that go round and round.

This was the last ride of the night because as soon as they got off, it started to rain. This was the only storm we saw the whole week we were at the beach, but it sure upset Drew and Mikayla to have to leave the rides!

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