Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mikayla rides Nana Gale's Bus

I had to go to school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week for a class so Drew and Mikayla got to go play with their friends at day care. I was worried about how they would take having to go, but they both did fine! Monday morning, Mikayla kept saying "I can't like school" and Drew seemed excited about going it (he has missed his friends). When we got to day care though, Mikayla went straight to Miss Paulette, and Drew hid behind me. They both did have a good time, and never cried not wanting to stay.

Since Miss Heather, Mikayla's teacher, knew that Mikayla would only be there three days she wanted to take the three's on a field trip one of those days so that Mikayla could go. (Mikayla will not be three until the end of August, but they moved her into the three year old class at day care in March because she does so well. She is very mature for her age, and she has a large vocabulary. She can spell her name, tell you her birthday, her phone number, and name several letters and numbers. Just looking at her or listening to her talk, many people mistake her for being almost four or older.) Miss Heather said they have been on at least one field trip a week all summer, but since I keep Drew and Mikayla with me during the summer they don't get to participate. She decided to take her class to MacDonalds for lunch on Wednesday. So yesterday, for the first time ever, Mikayla got to ride on Nana Gale's "mini" school bus. Drew was so excited about this and he had to tell Mikayla all about it.

When I picked Mikayla up all I heard about was the school bus with seat belts! She got to ride beside Conner, and she buckled the seat belt by herself. It is so funny when she tells stories because of the expressions. That's one of the things I love about children at the toddler stage. She also let me know that she did not go on the "baby" slide, only the big slide. When I asked if she ate all of her nuggets or if she saved some for me she replied "I saved you some". So I asked where they were, she replied "In my mouth, in my belly".

I wish I had some pictures of their trip, but I know she had fun!

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