Sunday, June 11, 2006

Time at the Pool!

Mikayla hops out of the pool for a minute.
Drew walks under the mushroom to get wet!
We were the first to get to the pool on this particular morning and Drew and Mikayla had the pool to themselves. Drew took advantage of it by swimming all around.
Daddy and Mikayla are deep in discussion!

While on vacation, our family stayed in a house in Ocean Lakes Family Campground. One of the great things about Ocean Lakes is that it has a nice sized Kiddie Pool. Normally when we stay there, we do not take Drew and Mikayla's floatie swimsuits because they never ask to get in the big pool. There was nothing different this time. The only pool they wanted to play in was the Kiddie pool which is no deeper than 2 feet anywhere in the pool. Some places are only a little over a foot deep. There are many things for the kids to have fun with in this pool such as squirting devices, water falling on them from various things, etc. Mikayla wasn't real sure about the pool at first (just like with the ocean), but with Craig and I taking turns to sit on the side with her, she got used to it quickly! Drew and Mikayla had a ball at the pool, and more often than not asked to go here instead of the ocean.

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