Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cook Out with Friends!

Tonight, we had our friends Rick and Angie, and their daughter Morgan over for a cook out. They had us over for a cook out at their house last time, so it was our turn to have them over at our house. Craig was especially excited since he would get to cook on his new grill, yet again! He grilled the hamburgers and hot dogs, while I made chili, baked beans, and potato salad. We also had chips and two different kinds of pies (store-bought of course) for desert.

We all have such a good time when our families get together! Angie and I talk non-stop. In fact, I overcooked the baked beans tonight while we were outside talking (imagine that). Rick and Craig talk and watch a little T.V. Morgan, Drew, and Mikayla have so much fun playing together. They played on the swing set, in the moon walk, and rode Drew's jeep and bicycle. When it got too dark outside to play, we came in to talk/play more. The kids even watched part of the movie Madagascar. I am upset that I didn't take my new camera outside to get some pictures of them playing, but I did get some pictures inside. It was after 10 when they left and Drew and Mikayla didn't want them to leave! We reminded them that we would see Rick, Angie, and Morgan in the morning at church.

Drew and Mikayla sit with Angie and Morgan.

The girls sit in the chair as Drew moves on to watch T.V. from the floor.

Craig and Rick continue to talk even as they are getting ready to leave. Angie and I would never do that (Ha!).

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