Saturday, June 17, 2006

Cookin' Out!

Tonight we had a cook-out and invited several family members and friends to join us. (This will probably become a Saturday night tradition for our family since Craig has a new grill [see post below.]) Craig grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, while I made the chili, baked beans, and slaw. We also had home-made pimento cheese (thanks to Craig), and chips of all kinds. What a meal!

My mom and dad, my sister Jennie and her boyfriend Josh, my brother Jonathan and his girlfriend Jessica, my Aunt Laura, Uncle Ted, and my cousin Lauren all joined us for supper! We enjoyed the great food and the wonderful company!

Drew, Mikayla, and Lauren all played so well together! Lauren is a great help with them!

Lauren and Mikayla play in the moon walk tent that Drew and Mikayla received as a birthday present last year from Mimi and Poppi!

Drew takes a break from swinging like a monkey.

Craig working hard over the grill. He loves his Father's Day present! Uncle Ted and my daddy (Poppi) relax on the deck after supper!
Drew and Mikayla look at a bunny rabbit through our fence. This bunny has been hopping all around our house for the past two days. Yesterday, it would hop in our fence and Drew would chase it until it hopped out of the fence Then it would come back in the fence for more. I guess it enjoyed playing chase with Drew!

Jonathan, Jessica, Jennie, and Josh pose for a picture on our top deck.

Aunt Laura and Mimi look on as Poppi tries to figure out Drew's toy.

Everyone started leaving as it got close to 11. Lauren put Mikayla's pajamas on before she left, and Josh read Drew and Mikayla a bedtime story before he and Jennie left. I think this is such a sweet picture!

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