Thursday, June 15, 2006

Father's Day!

Drew, Mikayla, and I got up early this morning and got ready to go shopping. We had yet to get Craig or my daddy anything for Father's Day and I was determined to finish our shopping today! I had in mind what we were going to give, a grill for Craig and a golf bag for daddy, we just had to pick them out. Craig is getting a grill for Father's Day since Drew broke the glass out of Craig's other grill two weeks ago. We were having a cook-out with Mimi, Poppi, Jennie, Josh, Jonathan, and Jessica. Craig was letting the grill heat up to put the meat on while Drew and Mikayla played in their kiddie pool. Craig had left the hose pipe on so that water would continue to fill the pool up. Drew thought it would be fun to spray the grill. When the cold water hit the hot glass, it shattered. Luckily Drew was not hurt, but both Craig and Drew were upset by this. I thought it would be good for Drew to replace what he had broken (even if it is mommy who spends the money).

I started out at Big Lots. I knew that they carry grills and I am all for Big Lots prices!! I knew that Craig wanted a grill with the side burner and I wanted it to be stainless steel so that it wouldn't rust! Big Lots had two with the side burner, but neither of them were stainless. So, we were off to Walmart (Craig had seen one there that he liked), but not before Drew and Mikayla took a turn on the "quarter horse".
Once we got to Walmart, we went straight to the grills where I saw the one Craig had had his eyes on and another one that I really liked! I got one of the associates to come over and explain the grills to me so that I could really understand the differences between them. The only difference I could see, besides the fact that the one I liked better was $130 more, was that it was all stainless and the other one was mostly stainless with the exception of the sides. After he explained both grills to me I had a decision to make. The more expensive grill was bigger (both the grilling area and the burner), it gets a little bit hotter, it is fully stainless, it came with a rotisserie, and something about the grilling surface was different but I don't remember his exact words. I told the man that I had more shopping to do, but that I would be back. He told me to come back when I was ready and they would load the one I choose into our van.

From there we walked over to sporting goods. I couldn't decide which grill because I really liked the bigger one, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend that much more money for a fully stainless grill. So, I called Craig. Drew got mad at me because "it was supposed to be a surprise". I have never been that good with surprises anyway. Craig said get the cheaper one, it would serve the purpose.

After talking with him, I found a great golf bag for daddy. For the price this bag has a lot of bells and whistles!! It has 13 different compartments for his different clubs and a separate compartment for his putter/wedge. It has 2 garment pockets, a phone/glasses pocket, an umbrella holder, tee holders, a rain hood, and many other things that I can't remember without it right in front of me! I sure hope daddy likes it!

From there, we went back to the grills and I pondered some more over which grill to get. Finally, I settled on the cheaper one after another call to Craig. Once the Walmart guys had it loaded, I asked Drew how we would keep this surprise a secret sense it was filling up the back half of our van. He told me "you can put it in daddy's building". I told him I wouldn't be able to lift it by myself, so we came up with another plan. We were going to go get lunch and then go to daddy's work. I sent Drew and Mikayla in to his office (I was standing right outside) and they were going to tell him to come look at his surprise. They couldn't tell him what it was, he had to come out and see it! After my phone calls Craig already knew what it was, but he went along with our plan so that Drew and Mikayla could "surprise" him! When he saw it he wanted to leave work right then to come home and put it together. I told him when he got home we would go back to Walmart without unloading the grill to see if he liked the other better.

Guess what - he did. Like the other one better, I mean. After we payed the difference in the two grills, some different guys unloaded the one that the guys had just loaded this morning and loaded the bigger one (with a little more of a struggle) in our van to come home.

Craig spent all evening putting this grill together. He keeps calling it a monster - all I know is he better not ever need a new grill.


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