Thursday, June 01, 2006


What a week! Our first week of summer vacation. Drew, Mikayla, and I are having a blast spending the days together. I comment all the time about having the best of both worlds. I love my job as a teacher, but I also love being a stay-at-home mom over summer break!! We have been sleeping late, well, later than usual. We have been reading - A LOT (both children's books with Drew and Mikayla and mommy books for me). We've been writing (Drew is practicing to write sentences, and Mikayla is practicing to write her name). We have been relaxing inside, and playing outside! We have been busily preparing for our vacation next week - laundry, packing, cleaning, more laundry. We have Mikayla's much anticipated recital on Saturday afternoon! The dress rehearsal is tomorrow night, and I am a like a teacher the night before the first day of school. I'm nervous, excited, not sure what to expect, etc. I've been told that it is an unorganized mess, and you wonder how in the world it will all work and flow together on Saturday. My source reassured me that it will, in fact, flow together on Saturday. I'm finishing up the last minute preparations tonight - for example, sewing the sequined strap covers over the straps of Mikayla's tap costume. Those of you who know me know that I am not a seamstress, but I love to try. I have also been busy making sure we have everything together in her bag - costumes (with all pieces), tights, shoes, make-up, elastic bands to put her hair in a bun, gel, hair spray, bobby pins, etc. In the midst of all of this I find Mikayla reading to her "babies" and I couldn't resist this picture!

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