Monday, June 02, 2008

Wednesday Night Game!

Look at the focus of that first baseman - and Brooks behind him too!
Drew gets ready to scoop up a throw from Jimmy as the runner makes it to first base.
Drew gets ready and takes some practice swings - this was right before he hit the ball the farthest he's hit it all season!

On Wednesday night, we had to finish the game we started a couple of weeks ago when our team had played so well! We began this game just where we left off with our Gophers ahead, still batting with a man on second and one out. You might remember Drew got a home run his first at bat when we started this game! We had 3 of our players who missed the game Wednesday night - considering that our team played extremely well. Cameron was out so Jimmy played the circle - an adjustment for both he and Drew. They still worked together to get some outs at first base! Drew also stopped some balls hit his way and got some outs as well!

Drew batted extremely well Wednesday night hitting one ball the farthest (in the air) that he's hit it this season. It went over all the infielders and outfielders heads to the fence (almost over the fence)! Drew ran the bases, but looked back a couple times to see where the ball went. He still caught up with Noah who was on base. When Noah scored at home he didn't move off the plate and a player on the other team tagged Drew with the ball (right at the plate) to get Drew out. Drew was very upset by this and said "Mama, he wouldn't move off the plate" and Noah's mom agreed. The umpire though, saw Drew was upset, and came over and said "don't be upset little man - I've been calling all these games this season and I've never seen anybody hit one that far in this league - that was a terrific hit!". That made Drew feel better but he still wanted that home run and so did mama and daddy. I was so proud of how hard he hit the ball and told Drew you still scored a run! His next time at bat, the other team had their boys in the outfield moving back, back, back and Drew hit a hard ground ball to center field for a single! Those Gophers played so well in this game considering some had to play different positions - Taylor even got an out at second base!

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