Monday, June 02, 2008

Last Game of the Season!

Thursday night was Drew's last game for this baseball season! I am so sad that the season is over, and so is Drew! Drew's team played Garrett, Jeffrey, and Zach's team again and they played very well! Nicholas (our youngest player) even got his first two hits of the season Thursday night - we were all so proud! We didn't win the game, but that didn't stop us from having fun or being proud of our team! What a fun season it has been!! Drew hit for a total of 21 times out of 26 at bats this season with 11 of his hits being home runs! That's quite an accomplishment for my 6 year old!!
Drew gets ready to bat his first time of the game! He smacked the ball between 2nd and 3rd base to left center field for a triple scoring 2 runs! His second time at bat, he hit a single! That's our little home run king!!
Our little man intently plays first base - he stopped many balls at first base Thursday night to help his team get outs!! He has hustled, paid attention, and has become a terrific defensive player - we couldn't be more proud of him! Lots of people have talked about what a good baseball player he is this year, and Craig and I would certainly have to agree! I've been meaning to share this email all season. This was an email sent to me by a parent of a student I had in my classroom last year. She sent this email after our Jamboree at the beginning of the season:

Good morning. My sister in law called me last night on her way home from my nephew's baseball practice. She wanted me to be sure to let you and Drew know that he was the talk of their practice. All of the parents were talking about how good he was and their coach even told all of the kids at the beginning of practice that the first baseman from Saturday's game is a true baseball player. He can do it all, hitting and fielding. I know you are proud of him. I Will be sure to tell him about this when I see him next as well. I hope you have a great day!!
(Allison's mom)
Talk about making a mama's day - that sure did!!
After the game, our players were awarded their trophies. The whole team waits in the dugout for their names to be called!!
Sweet sister greets brother as he runs out of the dugout after his name was called! He's excited about getting that trophy!
Look at those mighty Gophers!! Wow - a season we will never forget!!

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