Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mikayla's Celebration!!

On the last day of school, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Hayes had a celebration for their students and families! I was so excited to hear this as it was something they started for the first time this year! I couldn't wait to see Mikayla and the rest of her friends as they celebrated their completion of the year! I was also a little emotional, as this was the last day of school. The last day of school is so hard as I say good-bye to a group of students I've worked with the whole year and have come to love! This year was especially hard as I know our "baby girl" will be entering kindergarten next year. We really have no more babies in our house and that makes my heart yearn for another even more! One day, if it's God's will there will be another (or more) in our house - I don't have a problem waiting a couple of years though. My mom was 30 when my sister (her last) was born, so with me being only 28 I'm in no rush!
Mikayla waits with her friends for the "celebration" to get started. We had to wait on the 3rd - 4th grade awards day ceremony to finish so that all parents could be there. Mrs. Brown showed the slide that they showed at the Mother's Tea so it was great!
Mikayla walks in with her cap ready to begin the ceremony! This mama was tearing up as I watched my "baby girl" walk in her last day of 4k with a graduation cap on (Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Hayes could not call this graduation, so they called it celebration!).
My sweet baby girl as she sings one of the songs they sung for the parents. I loved one of them that said "Kindergarten, here we come!" Oh, how true that is...
Mikayla receives her certificate from Mrs. Brown!
Mrs. Brown takes a picture of Mikayla with Mommy - because I'm always the one with the camera there aren't many pictures with me in them (which is fine by me). I did love this picture though!
Where has the time gone that my "baby girl" will be in "big school" all day next year! Boy, time flies when you are having fun! We love you Mikayla and we are so very proud of you!!

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