Friday, June 13, 2008

A Birthday Cake for Drew

Drew's birthday is not until July 6, but we have planned an early birthday party for him tomorrow at the skating rink. He has always wanted to invite boys and girls from his class to his party, and we have never been able to invite them all because I had no way of getting in touch with them in the middle of summer. This year, I decided at the end of March that we would have a party for Drew as soon as school was out for summer. I had originally set the date for May 31st, but since that was the day directly after the last day of school and we were so busy, I quickly decided against that. Craig and I then decided to have his party on Saturday, June 14th and Drew gave out his invitations on the last day of school. Drew is really looking forward to this party tomorrow because he was able to invite everyone in his class, from his baseball team, etc. Some children still will not be able to come because of vacations and such, but Drew loved that he was able to invite everyone! I have to keep reminding him, though, that having his party tomorrow does not mean that he will be seven tomorrow. It won't be long before he is seven years old, but mommy is not planning on rushing that!!
After the cakes I made last year for Drew and Mikayla turned out so well, I decided that I would try again this year. I still do not have very much confidence in my cake baking/decorating skills as this cake makes only the fifth I've ever made. So, Drew will be having two birthday cakes this year (you may remember I did the same thing last year) - one from a local bakery with a golf theme, and the one above that I made to look like a baseball park. I even went and got some little plastic players that Drew and I will add to the cake tomorrow!! Drew is all about sports, playing soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, baseball in the spring, and golf in the summer so these two cakes are perfect for him. I will take more pictures tomorrow once we have added the players to the cake (and I'm trying to decide if I want to chance "writing" Happy Birthday Drew in the grass...), and I will post those as well. I was so excited about how it looked when I finished that I couldn't wait to share a picture. Not perfect by any means, but pretty good if I do say so myself! I can't wait for Drew to see it when he wakes up in the morning!

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