Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Swimming with a Surprise!

Mikayla has been swimming off and on a little without her float for about a week now. She is getting better and better, and enjoys swimming without her float. Jennie and I were shocked though on Thursday when she decided that she wanted to jump off the diving board without her float. It started with me waiting under the diving board to catch her the first couple of times she jumped. The third time, she jumped holding onto my hand, which enabled her to go under since I wasn't catching her. As soon as she popped up, she said I'm doing that by myself. She proceeded to jump, and jump, and jump without her float. Each time she jumped she swam over to the ladder by herself and got out enthusiastically ready to go again! We were so proud of her and she couldn't wait to tell everyone what she can do!

Mikayla jumps off the diving board all by herself with no float. You can see Jennie's shadow in the far right of this picture. One of us was always near just in case she got into any trouble, but most of the time she was saying adamantly "I can do it!".

Drew swims under water with his goggles. Sometimes I think this child of mine spends more time under water than above it!

Both Mikayla and Drew swim in the deep end of Mimi and Poppi's pool without floats. Where did my babies go?!?

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