Monday, June 02, 2008

Our Gophers Won!!

Our boy gets ready to bat and takes some practice swings before hitting his first home run of the game!
That first baseman sure looks ready - Go Drew!

Our Gophers had 3 games last week - Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and Thursday night! Our guys won their first game since the scrimmage on Tuesday night with a score 10 - 9 - what a way to start the week! Drew and his friends have had a wonderful season, and so many of them have shown improvements. Coach Tim said we had the youngest team in the league, with many of our guys never having played before! Craig even commented that this is the most fun he's ever had as an assistant coach - watching these guys who couldn't hit now be able to hit, watching guys that couldn't stop balls now be able to. It sure has been a rewarding season!
Drew got 2 more home runs in this game and a single scoring 6 of our 10 runs - there was 2 runners on when he hit his first one and 1 runner on when he hit his second one and 1 runner scored off his single. I was screaming so that I lost my voice in this game - if you can imagine that!
Drew also played very well at first base during this game - stopping another hard hit ball to get the out at first base! Cameron also connected with Drew several time to get outs. The best thing I've started to notice is Drew moving off of the bag to catch Cameron's throws if they don't get to him! That makes mama proud because he looks like a "real" first baseman then! He has really worked hard and has done very well this year! We couldn't be more proud!

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